Stake Tezos

Expected reward rate
6.1 %
8 %
Payout frequency
Every cycle (~3 days)

Delegating to a baker Bitwick

The minimum delegation amount to receive baking rewards is 5ꜩ.

Although the rewards of your delegation will start to generate from the 7th cycle since you delegate to Bitwick, it is until the 12th cycle the reward will be unlocked and delivered to the baker Bitwick, thus you will be paid out right after we receive the reward from the Tezos system. Bitwick fee is 8 %.

How it works

Staking is a generalized concept of participation in the process of forming blocks in any blockchain, base on the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm.
is when you delegate your staking/baking rights to another person: baker.
Safety and stability
We put tons of effort to ensure the best practice is applied in Bitwick infrastructure to protect the interest of our customers, from standalone high performance servers, storage and fault tolerance network structure to hack-proof IP protection.
4 steps to get your XTZ rewards
1. Get wallet- install the app on your system
2. Deposit XTZ to your account
3. Stake - choose the validator Bitwick and stake XTZ
4. Get rewards - after 40 days you will start earning XTZ every 3 days
Your space

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Stake Tezos now!

Expected reward rate
6.1 %
8 %
Payout frequency
Every cycle (~3 days)


What is Tezos delegation?
XTZ delegation is a process of selecting one of the block-producing nodes by freezing a part of your assets as a part of their staking balance. In return, you get a share of the block production income. See: . A delegate is any implicit account registered as such by emitting a delegate registration operation.

Any account (implicit or originated) can specify a delegate through a delegation operation. Any account can change or revoke its delegate at any time. However, the change only becomes effective after PRESERVED_CYCLES + 2 cycles. The value PRESERVED_CYCLES is a protocol constant.

A delegate participates in consensus and in governance with a weight proportional with their delegated stake, which includes the balances of all the accounts that delegate to it, and also the balance of the delegate itself. To participate in consensus or in governance, a delegate needs to have at least a minimal stake, which is given by the TOKENS_PER_ROLL protocol constant.

Delegates place security deposits that may be forfeited in case they do not follow (some particular rules of) the protocol. Security deposits are deduced from the delegates ꜩ own balance.
What wallets are supported?
Trezor-T (SimpleStaking)
Ledger Live
AirGap Wallet
Atomex Wallet
Atomex Web Wallet
Atomic Wallet
Cool Wallet
Galleon Wallet
Galleon Mobile Wallet
Kukai Wallet
Naan Wallet
Temple Wallet
...and more
Can I withdraw my fund?
Yes, you are not locked into the contract, and your fund is available for withdraw anytime, any amount, the remaining balance will still be entitled for future possible reward. Bitwick regret to see you go but we guarantee any benefit that our delegators entitled to receive. You will be still receiving 7 cycles of rewards, with the normal 5 cycles of delayed unlock/payout, which means the last reward you receive from us will be the 12th cycle since you leave.

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